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INSULATION : Discover various insulation solutions : polyisocyanurate for walls and roofs, spray-applied polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene, cellulose and mineral fibres. 

WARRANTIES : Too often, warranties do not protect as much as expected. SOPREMA can help you understand the “fine print”.

FOUNDATIONS : Do you know the COLPHENE products? This series consists of every product related to foundations waterproofing, including self-adhesive or thermofusible SBS-modified bitumen membranes.

WALLS : Learn more about SOPRASEAL, a series that includes all SOPREMA membranes used as air and vapour barriers for building envelopes.

NEW PRODUCTS : Discover new SOPREMA products made available to you recently.

CSA A123.21 : What is the CSA A123.21 standardized testing method for dynamic wind uplift resistance of membrane roofing systems? Do you know how to use it?

LAMINATED PANELS : What is a factory-laminated panel? What are its benefits? What covers and insulation panels does SOPREMA offer for roofs?

HIGH PERFORMANCE : SOPREMA High-Performance roof waterproofing systems are designed to meet a basic criterion: sustainability. Discover all the options available to you!

FLAMELESS SOLUTIONS : Find out about systems adapted to construction sites where it is not possible to use a flame, such as hospitals and schools.

SOUNDPROOFING : Did you know that SOPREMA offers a wide range of products related to soundproofing? These products are designed for floors, ceilings, walls, and drain piping.